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Our Programmes

English @ Work

Our English@Work programmes will elevate the employees’ English proficiency, to be more confident, competent and ultimately project a good image of the organisation.


Our English for Academic programmes will strengthen and fine-tune learners’ English fluency and competency to be more analytical, and able to capture and internalise ‘Thinking in English”.

Corporate Training

Our Corporate Training programmes will help organisations address and narrow their employees’ gap in performance, morale and skills. Professional and soft skills development is key to ensuring that employees can strive in today’s highly competitive work environment and market.

General English

Our General English programmes are curated to address the needs and gaps of learners. It addresses the four language skills – Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, ultimately giving them a solid foundation to begin the journey towards conquering the English language.

Our Methodology

  • Fun-learning environment – On-site training or at The English Studio premise
  • Active learning – Think, Theorise, Talk
  • Theory to practice sessions
  • Mystery shopping assessment



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