‘TES’ English @ Work

'TES' English @ Work

It is no easy task to be able to speak English or any other language because language skills cannot be acquired in a day. It can take months, years and maybe even a lifetime. Rest assured, every time you acquire a language skill you will move to a different plateau in the language continuum.

A language knowledge acquired is always a stepping stone to a greater height in the continuum.

Regardless of job function, English is a requirement for management, administration and governance. Upskilling the English proficiency of employees plays a crucial role in the development of human resource and company’s services. Ultimately, the company’s image will be enhanced locally and internationally.

'TES' English @ Work Training Outcome

At TES, we conduct employees’ Pre-Course Assessment via various methodologies; for the client. A thorough evaluation will be carried out on the data gathered from the Pre-Course Assessment. The outcome of the evaluation will be placed into different proficiency categories. Results and recommendation of the evaluation will be presented to the client for consideration. Proposal of different and required courses will be curated to address the needs and gaps identified in the assessment. A continuous course covering the four (4) skills– LISTENING, SPEAKING, READING and WRITING will be addressed.

The lesson plan for the course includes role-playing and activities which help the employees interact better with everyone resulting in improved service-provider and stakeholder relationship.

Some of the in-house and on-site training courses that we have conducted for our client are:

  • Confidence Building in Communication & Thinking in English
  • Report Writing and Communications Skills for Building Managers
  • English Benchmarking Assessment (IELTS & MUET) and English@Work Training
  • Fly High with Your English
  • Applying Creative and Critical Thinking in Marketing Communications
  • I Believe I Can Speak
  • Mastering Your English (Advanced level)
  • Negotiation Made Easy
  • Workplace Conundrums
  • Social Repertoire

…. any many more!

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